Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beweather for iPhone NotificationCenter Tutorial

Ok this tutorial is to show how to use Beweather in your iphone notification center! 

The things you will need are:
Iphone running ios8++
Beweather 2 app from App Store
(I have the paid version for $2.99 USD. Im not sure if it works on the free version or not)
Open your beweather app. Tap the three little lines on the top left corner. 

Then at the bottom towards the middle of your screen, you'll see the gear icon for Settings. Tap that icon. 
Towards the middle of your screen, tap on Today Widget.
If you tap on Theme, you can change the color of the background to this particular widget in notification center. I leave mine on Dark for a transparent background.
Now go back one screen and this time choose Weather Icons. This will bring up a list of stock weather sets you can use if you choose. 
If you click Custom in the top right corner, it will bring up a popup asking for a URL to download your custom weather set.
You will need a dropbox link to a bwi file. This means any android beweather set will work. Im not sure if Box links work the same or not. You will need to alter your link before you paste it for this to work properly! 

This is how your default dropbox link will look.
(I'm using Lou's Cherry Pop Beweather which is free, as an example. Thank you Lou!) 
You will need to delete everything between "https://" and ".com".  You will then type "dl.dropboxusercontent" in place of what you deleted.  Your final dropbox link will look like this:
Copy your link and paste into the popup box in beweather app. Then press OK. After a few seconds you should be back to this screen, and in the Weather Icons section it should now say Custom.
If you click Text, you can change the font of the widget text if you wish. For this tutorial ill just continue with the weather icons part. 

Click the back arrow to go to the previous screen and click Done.

From your homescreen, swipe down from the top of your screen to pull down your notification center. If your custom beweather is there under the Today tab, you're all done!

If its not showing up, click on the Today tab, and scroll to the bottom where you should see an Edit button. Go ahead and tap that. 
This menu will come up. Click the green plus sign button next to beweather to add it to the top section. If you have multiple things included you can drag them to arrange the order. Then click done. 
Your beweather widget featuring your new custom beweather icons should now be showing in your notification center! 
(The weather set im using is BonBons from @debbiehan_pink i believe. Thank you Debbie!)

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